From Awkward To Awesome - Amy's Story

24 Feb , 2020

From Awkward To Awesome - Amy's Story

Learn how Be Defiant. athlete Amy has found cross training and fitness so beneficial for improving not only her mental health, but her entire character. Here, she documents her story and experiences to become a stronger version of herself. 

From Awkward to Awesome.

I was always very awkward as a child and a teenager. Quiet and a bit shy. When I got to high school I realised I wasn’t like the other kids. I have always been tall, and I stuck out and that drew attention which just made me more awkward. The only place I didn’t feel like that was in P.E.

I loved learning new skills and how exercise made me feel. By the time I had finished high school I had joined every sports team; netball, hockey, athletics, rock climbing, trampolining the lot. But I had also always loved horse riding and this was my main passion and when I went off to college I left a lot of my other sports behind but still remained active – riding as part of the course, running and the occasional guest appearance at my mum's gym. It's only as I have gotten older I realised how much being active helped me through some tough times. 

Then a few years ago my horse had to be out to sleep and I couldn’t face getting another; it might sound silly but he was my horse of a lifetime. I realised that I now had a huge chunk of time which had been dedicated to him that I wasn’t filling and wasn’t being active and I was hitting new lows - so I joined a local 'Globo gym', and I hated it! A friend of mine recommended trying Cross Training– something I had never heard of and now I will never look back. I love my training and the community I have become a part of! Through it all, I am definitely not the same person I was – I've certainly grown! 

Exercise and training for me is a place of focus – a calm in the storm. I suffer from anxiety and negative thoughts and due to my discomfort with my height and size in my teens, I also developed a very negative relationship with food. Exercise and training gave me purpose – the chance to feel strong and accomplished and to test myself. I now take that into my everyday life. I still have bad mental health days, but I will always turn up and move. The exercise gave me more than physical strength but mental strength too! 

Be Defiant to me, means “family.” Anytime I am having a rough day or don’t feel motivated I will look at that logo and know that I have all the other athletes in my corner supporting me and encouraging me to be the best version of myself – and that’s how everyone who owns any item from Be Defiant should feel – like they are not alone, and they are part of something bigger – making a difference. 

Amy's top tips for improving mental health:

Choose your circle: I am a big believer in vibes and tribes – surround yourself with people who bring positivity to your life. 

Listen: to yourself and others – often people don’t listen they just wait to respond. 

No judgement: however, you or someone else may be feeling – no one has the right to judge. 

Find your feel-good: that might be weights, knitting or even basketball – do you! 

Acceptance: Accepting how you feel in any moment and being ok with that. 

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