11 Nov , 2020

By Kyle Robinson

Managing Stress and Anxiety in the times of COVID-19

The first lockdown was new and with the benefits of the sun and longer lighter and brighter days, managing anxieties was easier with the help of distraction and the uniqueness of the whole world stopping. However, now that we know we are enshrouded by the darker nights and coupled with many disappointments such as the lack of celebrations over birthdays, cancellations of events and now creeping up to Christmas, for many people the toll is becoming even more real with the prediction that it will be a "long harsh winter of loneliness".

09 Nov , 2020

By Kyle Robinson

An Introduction to Dr Shradha Lakhani.

Having had my own challenges of weight and weight gain, most significantly after having had 2 children, not to mention the unhealthy eating patterns of bags and bags of crisps and chocolates, and returning to work only to be asked when I was due my 3rd; that was my breaking point.