About be defiant.®

Part of our mission is to raise awareness and funds for Time To Change, one of the most impactful mental health awareness charities in the UK.  

We have tasked ourselves with providing the highest quality clothing products, designed for everyone that refuses to give in when battling the challenges thrown at us by life.

In our training, we identify our goals, break them down and strive to achieve them. When things get difficult and we feel like throwing in the towel, we remind ourselves to get back to it, to never give in, to be defiant. The be defiant.® brand is more than just a clothing label. It is a mindset and one that should be used in more than just our training. Through wearing the be defiant.® brand, this mindset can be applied to everyday life - to help us achieve our goals inside and outside of our training environment. ​

We fundraise for Time To Change via sponsored competitions and fundraisers. We always donate 10% of our annual profits each year to mental health charities. 

Follow us on Facebook & Instagram for updates. You will see that the be defiant.® team is heavily involved with varied and functional fitness training. It is the fitness community that inspires us and gives us the drive to take our brand in this direction.


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How is fitness related to mental health?

Fitness and mental health go hand in hand. When your fitness improves, it can play a huge part in the development of your confidence and your mental health. The same goes for the other way around, when your mental health improves, as does your ability to push the boundaries and improve your mental health.

At be defiant.®, we understand the struggle of mental illness from our own experiences and the experience of helping others. We set out to take passions and combine them, the way we know they can be. So, Does fitness help with mental health? Yes, it does. As you exercise, endorphins are released and that results in the good feeling you experience during and after exercise.

See our blog for all kinds of advice and tips on improving your physical, and mental health

Fundraising for Mental Health Charity, Time To Change

At the top of every page on the website is a 'Donate' button. We do this as part of our fundraising efforts in case you wished to make a small donation to mental health charities, through be defiant.® Perhaps you have found some content useful, enjoyed a post or really like the clothing.
Perhaps you just want to make a donation to a mental health charity making a difference. Every year, we donate 10% of all of our profits, as well as anything that has been donated via that button (You can donate as little, or as much as you want) to the chosen charity. 100% of every single donation will go to Time To Change.  

Proud to Support Time To Change
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Man Wearing a Weighted Vest To Run In

Be Defiant took on the Birmingham 10k! for PTSD999

On October 19th 2019, the be defiant.® Team took to Birmingham to take on the Birmingham 10k to raise awareness for PTSD for the emergency services.

Two of the team ran the event in a 10kg/22lbs weighted vest, with 3 of the team running as well. We surpassed our donation goal and are happy to have been able to make a difference ti PTSD999. Keep an eye on the be defiant.® Blog for the gallery of images and the right up from be defiant.® founder, Kyle.

PTSD999 is the only organisation in the UK seeking to help members of the emergency services, as well as their families and friends. It is a completely independent charity, that relies on donations and sales to help them provide their services. We are proud to be a part of a unit that were able to donate money to assist in the helping of the emergency services.

​Visit the PTSD999 website for more information. Alternatively, you can visit our blog and read the write-up of the day that was written by be defiant.®. Ltd founder, Kyle Robinson. It's a fantastic and uplifting document of a day of selflessness from the entire be defiant.® team. 

We raised £325 for Derbyshire Mind in the Derby 10k! 

The Derby 10K is a 10-kilometre road race, organised by Derby County Community Trust that starts and finishes at Pride Park Stadium and passes some of the city’s iconic landmarks.

The inaugural event took place in 2000, and since then thousands of runners have taken to the city centre streets for the annual race. The race is fully accessible for wheelchair users.

​ We chose to raise awareness for Mental Health and money for Derbyshire Mind a local mental health association, which is affiliated to National Mind who are committed to:

- working for improvements in local mental health services
- making it possible for people with mental health problems to voice their opinions
- offering quality local services
- challenging the stigma attached to people labeled “mentally ill” and increasing public understanding of mental health issues

​ You can keep up with our progression through our blog, where we will be keeping track of all progress.