21 Mar , 2021

By Kyle Robinson

Running For Clarity & Mental Health - Sarah's Story

Learn how Sarah turned to running to help her mental health. From post natal depression, to dealing with injury, Sarah talks us through how she dealt with it all, and how running helped.

29 Jun , 2020

By Kyle Robinson

Jamie's recipe to becoming a Runner

Read Jamie's blog post detailing the recipe to become a good runner, and how Jamie uses running to keep great mental health.  Running helped me through one of the most difficult times of my life.  In August 2019 I lost a best friend to suicide, and it was through running that I was able to grieve.  I spent countless lonely hours pounding the pavements whilst processing my thoughts and coming to terms with what had happened, slowly making my way through the stages of the grieving process.  I still think of him every time I run, and I know that I always will.

24 Feb , 2020

By Kyle Robinson

Meet Kyle - The Man Inspiring Many

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