Developing The Be Defiant Sports Bra - The Best Sports Bra You've Worn

21 Mar , 2021

Developing The Be Defiant Sports Bra - The Best Sports Bra You've Worn

How We Made The Comfiest & Strongest Sports Bra Available

In this post, we will be talking about the design, test and development of our brand new sports bras. After being in production for quite some time, we are thrilled at how they turned out. 

Since our founding in 2018, we have had countless requests to create certain products, one of which was the elusive sports bra. This is no easy feat, given that they must be incredibly comfortable, and up to the job. Last year, we set to the design and testing of a sports bra, with the focus on high quality. We wanted to make sure that we offered something that’s genuinely great quality and comfortable to wear. Challenge accepted!

There are a lot of sports bras on the market and as a testing team, honestly think we’ve tried most. From strappy styles which dig in or rub, to bras which are gorgeous until they’ve been washed a few times when they start to ball, fade and peel (even when they’ve cost £50 or more!). So, this was a challenge we took very seriously! We started by identifying four different designs which would appeal to a broad audience. High neck, low neck, strappy, solid back, soft, silky and compressive...we wanted to make sure we covered all bases before we tried to perfect our final designs.

Putting The be defiant. Sports Bra Through It's paces

White Sports Bra On A woman

Once our samples arrived it was time to do the fun part...the testing. Now, if someone asks our team to test something we are going to do the job properly. So, each bra underwent a few different tests:

  1. How does it FEEL when first put on?
  2. How does it look from the front, side and the back?
  3. Do the straps stay in place when arms are raised?
  4. Burpee test - does it stay in place? Are the girls supported?
  5. Lifting test - does it feel restrictive and awkward, or comfortable?
  6. The upside down test  - do we feel like we may fall out of it?
  7. Does it pick up dirt badly or show sweat stains?
  8. Does it rub or need adjusting during training?
  9. How does it wash?

We also posted the samples online to get other people’s opinions on appearance. Satisfying everyone is difficult but the more perspectives the better. As well as this, we got a couple of friends of Be Defiant to test too to see how the bras fitted different body types.

An Amazing Response

Be Defiant have never done bras before so we wanted to make sure that when we did ,we did it well. We can confidently say we’ve developed some of the best sports bras we've ever worn, and the feedback we have received is second to none! We’ve decided on neutral colours to begin with which we can add to in the future (and which will look amazing with colourful leggings which may be in the pipeline - Stay tuned!).

For now, let's get back to testing...


To shop the new be defiant. Sports Bra, click on any of the images in this article, or view our sports bra range. 

Black Sports Bra On A woman
Woman Back Wearing A Black Sports Bra


    Lucy Roebuck

    I honestly love the new sports bras! As a fuller chested lady I find it hard to find a bra which keeps the girls in check but also doesn’t dig in and you have absolutely nailed it! Perfect for CrossFit when you are throwing yourself upside down and moving around a lot

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