An Introduction to Dr Shradha Lakhani.

09 Nov , 2020

An Introduction to Dr Shradha Lakhani.

Dr Shradha Lakhani

Dr Shradha Lakhani


It’s a pleasure to be associated with Be Defiant. I am a consultant clinical psychologist from Compassionate Minds Healthcare and having come across Be Defiant, the ethos just seemed to be extremely well fitting from my own personal experience and also professional work.

I have been practicing as a psychologist over the past 2 decades. Having had my own challenges of weight and weight gain, most significantly after having had 2 children, not to mention the unhealthy eating patterns of bags and bags of crisps and chocolates, and returning to work only to be asked when I was due my 3rd; that was my breaking point.

It was that question that led to my most significant change. I recall coming home in absolute tears, stating I was having surgery because I was ‘fat’.

Having a loving husband who could see my struggles and excuses of not being able to prioritise going to the gym because of having children and working, he converted our garage into a make shift gym and I was fortunate enough to have a personal trainer friend who I asked help from.

This is where my journey began. Having lost a significant amount of weight, and having tested my body by completing the 100k Action challenge last year, absolutely gives me the confidence that I can take adversities head on. It is on this premise that I can really say that I am convinced that our true strength only comes from adversity.

Working primarily in the NHS for 3 days a week in cancer and palliative care, I see this strength from adversity in my patients all the time. The remaining days I spend in my private practice within Compassionate Minds Healthcare, whereby I choose to support clients with any of their struggles, and not limited to the realms of cancer and palliative care.

This breath of work keeps me on my toes along with having 2 teenage kids who are both morphing into Kevin the Teenager (Harry Enfield character), though I am blessed to have both a girl version of Kevin and the boy version. At this point, I remind myself that Strength comes from Adversities and would I change them – absolutely not…. let’s Be Defiant together….

Compassionate Minds

If you want to know more about the services that I provide or are struggling and need some help, you can find the Compassionate Minds Healthcare Website below:

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