Group of Athletes Wearing Be Defiant Clothing at Fitness Event

If you're passionate about mental health awareness
and want to fight the stigma, become a be defiant.®
advocate and change the way people think about
mental health.

What is an advocate?

'advocate' (verb) - to speak or write in favour of; support or urge by argument;

In simple terms, an advocate is somebody who is willing to stand up and speak for a person or group if they can't, or don't feel they can, so that person or group still has a voice and can be heard. Think of them as a passionate representative. From our owner to each of our athletes, each and every one of us is an advocate for mental health awareness and actively speak about it to varying degrees.

We want to make a change, and we want you to be a part of it.

Could you be part of our family?

You will need to:
• Help us promote the mindset that we carry
• Take part in activities that we organise and help to raise funds
• Continue to push the boundaries of mental health awareness

Discounts for you

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Be involved with amazing like minded individuals


We are looking for people to be involved who
have a passion for mental health, those who want to help us to remove the stigma surrounding it and believe in the values of Be Defiant.

We welcome applications from anyone who has a passion for mental health whether through lived experience or not.

Most of our Advocates have an interest in or are involved in an element of fitness, however this is not a requirement! We want you for your passion to stop the stigma, not how fit you may or may not be!


You will receive a discount code for your own personal use across selected items in the Be Defiant store;

You will have early access to new kit releases before they go on general sale;

You will have access to exclusive Advocate branded kit;

You will have the opportunity to join our private Facebook group with like minded individuals who are standing together against the stigma surrounding mental health. 

Proud To Support Time To Change Mental Health Charity


What do our advocates say?


One quote I live by is “until you're mentally prepared you're never physically ready”. I applied because I know that mental health is important and how important it is. For me to be an advocate is a privilege and the best part is the amazing people that’s involved


“Stronger together” It’s a privilege to be an advocate ❤️ Running/fitness has saved me from the depths of depression and reminds me that I’m stronger than I think. I want to spread the Be Defiant ethos because if I can help/inspire just one person when they think they have no one or can’t do something I’d be so darn happy 🙏🏼 but also to say it’s OK to not be OK - you are not alone!


It’s a network and a voice we all have our own stories and struggles and allows a platform to share, advise and be there for each other, all whilst supporting a great company ethos and brand. The clothing is pretty cool too 😝


I became an advocate around the time I was diagnosed with a ‘serious’ mental illness. I honestly believed my life was over. Exercise and fitness without a shadow of a doubt saved my life. Being an advocate for me has played a massive part in my recovery journey and spreading the awareness of mental health, and has opened up some truly amazing opportunities to be involved in raising awareness and reducing stigma surrounding mental health. You have given me the confidence to stand with you and advocate for something I feel very passionately about and I will always be thankful of the opportunity to stand with you. Since joining Be Defiant I have been involved projects with Time to Change, Mind, National Voices, Am a panel member for rethink and am involved in their expert by experience project this week. I have recently been accepted as a research champion for mental health and have been given an opportunity to be involved in an upcoming project, working with BBC personnel and suicide prevention UK. Being involved offers a sense of purpose, hope and inclusion. And by sharing journeys good and bad inspires people to be open about their own struggles and seek support without shame or stigma, and that no matter how they feel they are never alone, and as a brand ethos that no matter how hard it gets there is always a way through. And wearing the brand, always raises comments where I train further giving opportunity to talk about mental health 💜💜#strongertogether #fightthegoodfight


I'm very proud to be an advocate for such an amazing company, to be involved in something that is actively trying to challenge the stigma surrounding mental health. I applied because I believe in the ethos of the brand and the cause is very important to me. Mental health issues affect my family and friends, and I have lost people to their battles with it. I have also had my own fight, and if I can help one person open up, realise they are not alone, believe that things will get better and tomorrow is worth fighting to be around for, I'll be happy.
When I was struggling, no one I knew was openly talking about their mental health, but when I started to speak about it, so many people started to say "oh yes, I feel that way too". We need to be brave enough to have those conversations, to let people know it's OK not to be OK, and only through doing this can we break down the stigma around mental health. I also fully believe in the mental health benefits of exercise, and I hope that through posting about exercise and how it makes me feel (especially doing it on the days I really don't want to do it!) I can encourage others to get active and see the benefits themselves. #WeAreBeDefiant