Be Defiant - Same Sex Pairs April 2022
Be Defiant - Same Sex Pairs April 2022

Be Defiant - Same Sex Pairs April 2022


Event Overview

Be Defiant is throwing the best CrossFit competition the Midlands has ever seen, our first event will be a same sex pairs throwdown on 16th and 17th April 2022. We want to celebrate everything we love about functional fitness and more specifically how being active positively affects our mental health. There will be a range of vendors and event partners on site for the event for you to browse between workouts. Be Defiant Pairs will be structured to allow every one of any level to take part and test themselves both physically and mentally by splitting the weekend into two days. Saturday the 16th April 2022 will be Scaled and Sunday the 17th April 2022 will be RX. 

Physical Challenge

Be Defiant Pairs will be hosted at CrossFit Derby which is a well-established CrossFit Affiliate making it the perfect venue for our first event. CrossFit Derby’s Head Coach Luke Townsend will be programming events to test your mental and physical fortitude using classic CrossFit inspired formatting. A range of equipment will be used to provide a well-rounded test which will include but is not limited to Concept 2 Rowers, Air Bikes, Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Plyometric Boxes, Gymnastics Rig and of course the mighty Barbell. 

Which category should you enter? Don’t worry, we have you covered! Prior to the competition a series of workouts will be released for pairs to complete and submit. Your scores from these workouts will determine your category and therefore the day you compete to ensure athletes of similar abilities will be competing against each other. Movement demonstrations and standards will be given on the day.


Category workouts will be released 01/01/2022 and will need to be completed by the 28/02/2022. The category workouts will be emailed to each pair and an online submission of scores will be needed by 28/02/2022.

Our Goal

Our goals for this event are to make sure that each athlete is challenged while having a fantastic time in a supportive and encouraging environment, along with showing how being active positively affects our mental health. Whether you are entering Be Defiant Pairs as your first competition or you are a seasoned athlete we want to ensure that a well-rounded test of fitness along with a day of fun and community is had by everyone.

Entry to Be Defiant Pairs will be £65 per pair - Places are limited to 26 pairs each day (13 male and 13 female) so make sure that you don’t miss out and book your spot!

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